Friday, May 17, 2013

Spinning Wheel For Booking Parties

You may want to consider making one of these for parties and events to help you book more parties.   I know events that get alot of people's attention!!!  When they come over and ask what you can win, you can talk to them about hosting an Open House or Boutique.  (Sometimes, a change in wording is all you need to make they want to host a party).     After they set a date on your calendar, they can spin the wheel and get the prize.

What might you write on your wheel?    How about 1-5 FREE pieces of jewelry, free Starlet Shimmer items, half price pieces, 5% more free jewelry at a party, a secret grab bag (that has pieces you want to move), and more.   You can give it to them right then or you can tell them that they will get it at their party.   Your choice.  

Here is a tutorial on how to make a spinning wheel.  It doesn't look too hard.  Find it HERE.