About Me

Hi!  I'm Michelle Johnnie, Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant #1681. At the current time, I am an A-Lister and one of the top 3 consultants in the company.   I am a mom to 3 young children.  While struggling to pay our bills 3 years ago, I joined this company after seeing it at a fair and reading about the compensation plan!  I knew this was a brilliant idea that women would love and that could change the financial future of my family!  Within my first year, both my husband and I quit our jobs to focus on Paparazzi.     Paparazzi has been my family's sole income for over 2 years now.  I am well on my way to having a better life - emotionally and financially.  This is so fun because the jewelry sells itself and I love giving people a deal!  If you are coming to get ideas, look around.  If you are looking to improve your life, please join with my team in becoming a consultant.  You can join HERE (enter 1681 for the sponsor number) or contact me at 435-610-1609 or jewelryforfive@gmail.com to have your questions answered.