Sunday, March 15, 2015

Paparazzi Accessories Facebook Parties

One of the best ways to party with Paparazzi Accessories is to conduct Facebook parties.   I find that people are more willing to host because they are less work for them to invite and less intimidating!   Hostesses don't have to clean their house, make refreshments and physically pass out invitations.   They just add their friends to an event you create and then personally invite them through a personal message and a link from their wall on Facebook.

With Facebook parties, whatever you do in person at a home party, you still have to figure out how to do it online.   It can be tricky, but is very effective when you figure it out and go for it.

I have an awesome teammate, Andrea Hutcheson, who is AMAZING at Facebook parties.  She is a fabulous consultant and has a large business of loyal customer who follow her because of her kindness, professionalism and customer service.  She knows what she is doing.   She has created a website of lots of helpful information to help consultants and her team to be successful.

To learn more about how to do Paparazzi Accessories Facebook parties, check out this link on her site.  She has videos and graphics and more to help her team and YOU to be successful.

To find lots of printables and other resources to help you with your jewelry business, you can check out the Paparazzi Accessories printables page.   SO helpful.

One of the other great things about Andrea is she speaks Spanish.   Some of the info she has is in Spanish.   If you are Spanish speaker and looking to join a team, Andrea would be a very helpful sponsor.  She does some trainings in Spanish and documents.  You can read more about Andrea Hutcheson in Spanish HERE.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Paparazzi Jewelry's Starter Kit Promotion

Three and a half years ago, I knew things needed to change. 

We just had our third child and finances were very tight with no change in site. No upward mobility or significant pay raises were in my husband's future. I saw some cute $5 jewelry at a fair and learned the person selling it made a 45% commission. The simplicity and awesomeness of the concept made my mind race. Perhaps, $5 jewelry would be the tool to help with the bills and the extras of activities, school and costs of the kids getting older and more involved with extra-curriculars. I gave Paparazzi a try. I believed it could improve my family's future. Guess what? It did.....significantly. And for that, I am grateful. 

I am grateful that I went outside of my comfort zone and tried something new, something foreign, something I never imagined doing. And because I believe in myself and my business and worked hard, I have more money, more friends, more happiness, new style, better skills, higher confidence and a better outlook for the future.
I want what happened to me for everyone. With the promotion Paparazzi has on starter kits this month with 15% more jewelry to sell or keep, it is the time to believe. THIS MONTH (January 2015), Paparazzi is giving away MORE FREE jewelry in starter kits - 15% MORE.   That's an extra $25 to $150 value this month!!!  New consultants get 5-30 EXTRA pieces in their kits!!!    . Believe in yourself and improve your finances by starting your own business this year. Perhaps you know someone who needs to change. Please tell them about Paparazzi and refer them to me!!!   Or better yet - Join the company and add them to YOUR team.

Paparazzi offers:
45% commission
$5 product that sells itself
Free website
One free piece for every 10 pieces you order from your website (hostess benefits)
No catalogs

Order EXACTLY what you want
Low shipping cost (Free to $5.95)
Lots of fun

MANY ways to sell - online, home, basket, work parties, fundraisers, events and more.
Lots of training and support
Join me. Learn with me.

The jewelry is gorgeous and it is a great impulse buy.  It makes great gifts.  It is a great time to offer an amazing $5 product to the world.
Contact me to get more details or talk about joining!!!!

I am an A-Lister with an awesome team.
Read more about me at
Order some Paparazzi from my free website provided by the company at
Email me at
Call me at 435-610-1609

Michelle Johnnie

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prepare for Exciting New Changes!

I am SO excited for the new changes coming to Paparazzi.  I'm trying to help my team members make a smashingly good transition to the new improvements to the company.   With so many exciting changes, there is lots of work to be done!   I'm busy changing documents and files, making new training videos and creating other materials to help with the transition.   I want my team members to do better and earn more money supplying their customers with awesome $5 jewelry:)

So excited about the changes!!!!!
Read more about me on my other blog -

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spinning Wheel For Booking Parties

You may want to consider making one of these for parties and events to help you book more parties.   I know events that get alot of people's attention!!!  When they come over and ask what you can win, you can talk to them about hosting an Open House or Boutique.  (Sometimes, a change in wording is all you need to make they want to host a party).     After they set a date on your calendar, they can spin the wheel and get the prize.

What might you write on your wheel?    How about 1-5 FREE pieces of jewelry, free Starlet Shimmer items, half price pieces, 5% more free jewelry at a party, a secret grab bag (that has pieces you want to move), and more.   You can give it to them right then or you can tell them that they will get it at their party.   Your choice.  

Here is a tutorial on how to make a spinning wheel.  It doesn't look too hard.  Find it HERE.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spinning Display Rack

 I was excited to see that Paparazzi Accessories is now offering this spinning pegboard in the consultant website!  Love it!   The price is very reasonable too!   I love the mirror on the corners.  

I could see this being used for many things - but mostly for starlet shimmer items, bracelets, earrings or clips.
If you have some leftover pegboard and/or want to make one for yourself, you can use this tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts.  It is a good tutorial that is easy to follow!

Monday, November 12, 2012

10x10 Corner Booth

I recently did 3 women's expo and reserved a corner booth because I heard you can sell more from a corner booth.  Why?  Because you have 2 entrances/exits and can move more people in and out.  These are some things I learned from doing the booths.
Whatever is out in front will sell.  The first day at one booth, we had rings, starlet shimmers, and cuffs.  We sold more than I would have ever sold with them in the back.   We sold so many rings, I couldn't believe it.  (I love how they were displayed.  We spray painted a spool/thread holder and put one ring on each dowel.)   People would stare over the table at the necklaces, but not always go behind the table to look.

The second day, we switched the table to the back and moved a triangle up front with the neutral necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  It opened up the booth a lot.  We sold a ton of neutrals because that is what people say when they were walking by.

Hi!  That's me, Kori Archibald and Emilie Royer!  They are rockstars.  This is near San Francisco where they live.  We sold about $2800 and booked about 13 parties on the spot:)  Yeah for them!  (I think we had taken off some of our accessories before we snapped this picture.)

 This is the table moved to the back.  We did not sell close to the same amount of rings, cuffs and starlets the second day, but we sold a lot more neutrals!!!!

 This is my booth in L.A.  This time I put up a square instead of triangle in the corner.  I actually planned it this time!  We sold a lot of what people could see walking by!    

I put my neutrals out against the isle so everyone can see them.  It think they sell the best.   

If you reserve a cornerbooth, DO NOT close off one side and make only one entrance.   You cannot sell as much that way.  Keep your booth open and flowing so people will come inside and spend money:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

10x10 Inlay Booth

I've had a few people ask me how I set up a 10x10 inlaid booth.   This is a show I did in Cheyenne.  I'm really not a fancy person so everything is very basic.  It gets the job done.  I've seen many displays that look much nicer than mine.  Someday, I will improve the looks, but for right now, this is good enough.

I have 6 of these grey pegboards.  They are about 3 feet wide.  So I fit 3 on the back wall, one on one side and two on the opposite wall.

I use the Paparazzi yard sign as my price tag!  It is nice and large.  I just duct tape the whole sign to the back of my displays.  (People can see it from far away since double-sided.)

On the side of the booth that only has one pegboard, I have a 6 ft table.  On it is the headband display, the starlet shimmer items, big rings, bracelet/cuff diplay and clip display!

Remington is about 8 months in this picture.  He is my constant companion at events and even some parties.  I love being able to kiss his head at any time:)  It's not easy having a baby come with me everywhere, but it is definitely worth it.  He is growing so quickly and I just can't stand the thought of leaving him for a day or two.  He's a great salesman!  It wasn't in the plans to start a business with a newborn, but this opportunity was too good to pass up so I have to adapt.

My mom, Marsha, is a consultant.   She is duct taping the signs to the back of the displays!   Just had to get a picture of her in here!

The lighting isn't great, but that is the booth.  In front of the 2 peg boards on the side, I have a little table where I have drawing slips, information about becoming a consultant, more clips, business cards and a place we can check people out.

Hope this helps!

AND because I love my cute little guy so much, I'm posting a close-up picture of this snuggler!   I'm totally smitten with him.   I really couldn't do Paparazzi like I do if Remington wasn't such a good baby!  He puts up with a lot and is so easy going!!!  I'm greatly blessed in so many ways!