Monday, November 12, 2012

10x10 Corner Booth

I recently did 3 women's expo and reserved a corner booth because I heard you can sell more from a corner booth.  Why?  Because you have 2 entrances/exits and can move more people in and out.  These are some things I learned from doing the booths.
Whatever is out in front will sell.  The first day at one booth, we had rings, starlet shimmers, and cuffs.  We sold more than I would have ever sold with them in the back.   We sold so many rings, I couldn't believe it.  (I love how they were displayed.  We spray painted a spool/thread holder and put one ring on each dowel.)   People would stare over the table at the necklaces, but not always go behind the table to look.

The second day, we switched the table to the back and moved a triangle up front with the neutral necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  It opened up the booth a lot.  We sold a ton of neutrals because that is what people say when they were walking by.

Hi!  That's me, Kori Archibald and Emilie Royer!  They are rockstars.  This is near San Francisco where they live.  We sold about $2800 and booked about 13 parties on the spot:)  Yeah for them!  (I think we had taken off some of our accessories before we snapped this picture.)

 This is the table moved to the back.  We did not sell close to the same amount of rings, cuffs and starlets the second day, but we sold a lot more neutrals!!!!

 This is my booth in L.A.  This time I put up a square instead of triangle in the corner.  I actually planned it this time!  We sold a lot of what people could see walking by!    

I put my neutrals out against the isle so everyone can see them.  It think they sell the best.   

If you reserve a cornerbooth, DO NOT close off one side and make only one entrance.   You cannot sell as much that way.  Keep your booth open and flowing so people will come inside and spend money:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

10x10 Inlay Booth

I've had a few people ask me how I set up a 10x10 inlaid booth.   This is a show I did in Cheyenne.  I'm really not a fancy person so everything is very basic.  It gets the job done.  I've seen many displays that look much nicer than mine.  Someday, I will improve the looks, but for right now, this is good enough.

I have 6 of these grey pegboards.  They are about 3 feet wide.  So I fit 3 on the back wall, one on one side and two on the opposite wall.

I use the Paparazzi yard sign as my price tag!  It is nice and large.  I just duct tape the whole sign to the back of my displays.  (People can see it from far away since double-sided.)

On the side of the booth that only has one pegboard, I have a 6 ft table.  On it is the headband display, the starlet shimmer items, big rings, bracelet/cuff diplay and clip display!

Remington is about 8 months in this picture.  He is my constant companion at events and even some parties.  I love being able to kiss his head at any time:)  It's not easy having a baby come with me everywhere, but it is definitely worth it.  He is growing so quickly and I just can't stand the thought of leaving him for a day or two.  He's a great salesman!  It wasn't in the plans to start a business with a newborn, but this opportunity was too good to pass up so I have to adapt.

My mom, Marsha, is a consultant.   She is duct taping the signs to the back of the displays!   Just had to get a picture of her in here!

The lighting isn't great, but that is the booth.  In front of the 2 peg boards on the side, I have a little table where I have drawing slips, information about becoming a consultant, more clips, business cards and a place we can check people out.

Hope this helps!

AND because I love my cute little guy so much, I'm posting a close-up picture of this snuggler!   I'm totally smitten with him.   I really couldn't do Paparazzi like I do if Remington wasn't such a good baby!  He puts up with a lot and is so easy going!!!  I'm greatly blessed in so many ways!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Events

I'm working on a post for doing larger events.  I need to add more details, but for right now I'm just posting pictures of what our booth looked like at a large bridal fair.  We made a few changes on the second day which aren't pictured here.  more to come later.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Let Paparazzi Know Where You Have Been!

Often times, the Paparazzi Main Office will get a call from a customer asking for the contact information of a Consultant who was at a particular event/expo. Sometimes, they are able to track down the correct Consultant most of the time, but as Paparazzi grows this is becoming increasingly difficult to do.
In order to continue to offer great customer service, Paparazzi devised a system that will allow you, the Consultant, to let corporate office know where and when you will be showcasing Paparazzi at a large event.
All you need to do is send an email to Please make sure your email includes: your name, Consultant ID number, the location (city and state) of the event, as well as, the name and dates the event. This is not for home parties or open house parties, just for the larger expo events you participate in. I would even include small town fairs and boutiques (just not home parties).
This will be a very useful tool for you and your Paparazzi business.

Also, if you advertise on blogs, websites, online or anywhere, let Paparazzi know (at that same email) what the name of the sites you advertise on - even if it is your own!  You want people who see your ad to join with you - not some other consultant who didn't do the work! 

Happy Recruiting!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Basket Parties

Basket Parties are the bomb!  Take a basket with you wherever you go.  Call on offices, schools, banks, production plants, retirement centers, gyms, hospitals or anywhere else you can think of.   Let party hostesses take them to work.   Let friends take them to family dinners or get togethers.   Ask customers to share this jewelry with their co-workers at check-out.  Just get the jewelry out and about for everyone to see.

Working women (and men) are the perfect people to sell to - while they are a work.
1.  They have more money.
2.  They probably need to look professional or nice for their job.
3.  They have less time to go shopping at malls and stores.
4.  They make great basket parties hostesses!

What does a basket party look like?
Anyway you want it to.
 This is my upline's.  She has a large fabric bag and has Paparazzi embroidered on it.  She puts a ton of jewelry in it.
 This is one of mine.  I fit it in a round hat box.  It has a lid.  I broke it down so you can see what is inside of it.
When I have a lot of basket parties out at once, I have even put them in Paparazzi boxes.   Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

What goes in a basket party? 
This is what I normally put in.  (It varies based on how many people are going to be at the work place/party.
I normally put about 100 pieces.  Basket parties are great for smaller inventories.  They never know that you don't have 1000 pieces at home.   They just are excited about $5 jewelry.

-50-60 necklaces.   Lots of best sellers and neutrals.   At least one of each color that is NOT neutral.
-10-15 pairs of earrings   ( Mostly neutrals with a little color added.)
-10 bracelets
-10 rings
-10 clips
-10 headbands
*Starlet Shimmers (optional)  - ask your hostess.

You notice on my basket parties that I keep all the headbands, clips, bracelets, and earrings in their own separate bags for easy locating, keeping things organized and not getting as tangled and broken.  I keep the rings in the ring boxes.

I also put a mirror, my business card, drawing slips, Top 10 reasons to become a Paparazzi consultant, a money bag with 1 $5, 5 $1 and $2.50 in quarters, and an inventory sheet that tells the hostess how many pieces of each are in the basket. 

On that paper, I also have the price and "Make checks payable to: Michelle Johnnie."  I also tell the hostess if she gets anyone to host a party from that basket party, I will give her a free piece of jewelry - that gives her incentive to talk to her co-workers about hosting parties.  

I recommend leaving a basket at a place for at least 2 days.    If people don't have money, time to shop or aren't taking a break one day, they can look at it the next.

If you would like a copy of the inventory sheet or tracking sheet I have, please email me at

Why are we charged tax if we are buying product wholesale?

"As a rule of party plan companies, sales tax is precollected on the retail price. It is based on the tax rate of the shipping zip code. When you sell the item you charge tax and keep it as a reimbursement to yourself because the tax was precollected and submitted to the state by Paparazzi corporate when the product was originally purchased." - Corporate Facebook Page

I thought this was a very brief, but complete description of the taxes associated with checkout.  Even though the jewelry only costs us $2.75 at check-out, each item is taxed on $5 because that is what we are supposed to sell it for!  SO you do not need to worry about sending in sales tax money to the govt because Paparazzi takes care of that, but you do need to charge it (thus why most consultants do $5.50) or the taxes will be coming out of your commission.