Friday, January 13, 2012

Let Paparazzi Know Where You Have Been!

Often times, the Paparazzi Main Office will get a call from a customer asking for the contact information of a Consultant who was at a particular event/expo. Sometimes, they are able to track down the correct Consultant most of the time, but as Paparazzi grows this is becoming increasingly difficult to do.
In order to continue to offer great customer service, Paparazzi devised a system that will allow you, the Consultant, to let corporate office know where and when you will be showcasing Paparazzi at a large event.
All you need to do is send an email to Please make sure your email includes: your name, Consultant ID number, the location (city and state) of the event, as well as, the name and dates the event. This is not for home parties or open house parties, just for the larger expo events you participate in. I would even include small town fairs and boutiques (just not home parties).
This will be a very useful tool for you and your Paparazzi business.

Also, if you advertise on blogs, websites, online or anywhere, let Paparazzi know (at that same email) what the name of the sites you advertise on - even if it is your own!  You want people who see your ad to join with you - not some other consultant who didn't do the work! 

Happy Recruiting!

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