Sunday, April 8, 2012

10x10 Inlay Booth

I've had a few people ask me how I set up a 10x10 inlaid booth.   This is a show I did in Cheyenne.  I'm really not a fancy person so everything is very basic.  It gets the job done.  I've seen many displays that look much nicer than mine.  Someday, I will improve the looks, but for right now, this is good enough.

I have 6 of these grey pegboards.  They are about 3 feet wide.  So I fit 3 on the back wall, one on one side and two on the opposite wall.

I use the Paparazzi yard sign as my price tag!  It is nice and large.  I just duct tape the whole sign to the back of my displays.  (People can see it from far away since double-sided.)

On the side of the booth that only has one pegboard, I have a 6 ft table.  On it is the headband display, the starlet shimmer items, big rings, bracelet/cuff diplay and clip display!

Remington is about 8 months in this picture.  He is my constant companion at events and even some parties.  I love being able to kiss his head at any time:)  It's not easy having a baby come with me everywhere, but it is definitely worth it.  He is growing so quickly and I just can't stand the thought of leaving him for a day or two.  He's a great salesman!  It wasn't in the plans to start a business with a newborn, but this opportunity was too good to pass up so I have to adapt.

My mom, Marsha, is a consultant.   She is duct taping the signs to the back of the displays!   Just had to get a picture of her in here!

The lighting isn't great, but that is the booth.  In front of the 2 peg boards on the side, I have a little table where I have drawing slips, information about becoming a consultant, more clips, business cards and a place we can check people out.

Hope this helps!

AND because I love my cute little guy so much, I'm posting a close-up picture of this snuggler!   I'm totally smitten with him.   I really couldn't do Paparazzi like I do if Remington wasn't such a good baby!  He puts up with a lot and is so easy going!!!  I'm greatly blessed in so many ways!

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  1. love it. wonder if I could ever get all that together! brand newbie here