Monday, November 12, 2012

10x10 Corner Booth

I recently did 3 women's expo and reserved a corner booth because I heard you can sell more from a corner booth.  Why?  Because you have 2 entrances/exits and can move more people in and out.  These are some things I learned from doing the booths.
Whatever is out in front will sell.  The first day at one booth, we had rings, starlet shimmers, and cuffs.  We sold more than I would have ever sold with them in the back.   We sold so many rings, I couldn't believe it.  (I love how they were displayed.  We spray painted a spool/thread holder and put one ring on each dowel.)   People would stare over the table at the necklaces, but not always go behind the table to look.

The second day, we switched the table to the back and moved a triangle up front with the neutral necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  It opened up the booth a lot.  We sold a ton of neutrals because that is what people say when they were walking by.

Hi!  That's me, Kori Archibald and Emilie Royer!  They are rockstars.  This is near San Francisco where they live.  We sold about $2800 and booked about 13 parties on the spot:)  Yeah for them!  (I think we had taken off some of our accessories before we snapped this picture.)

 This is the table moved to the back.  We did not sell close to the same amount of rings, cuffs and starlets the second day, but we sold a lot more neutrals!!!!

 This is my booth in L.A.  This time I put up a square instead of triangle in the corner.  I actually planned it this time!  We sold a lot of what people could see walking by!    

I put my neutrals out against the isle so everyone can see them.  It think they sell the best.   

If you reserve a cornerbooth, DO NOT close off one side and make only one entrance.   You cannot sell as much that way.  Keep your booth open and flowing so people will come inside and spend money:)

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