Sunday, March 15, 2015

Paparazzi Accessories Facebook Parties

One of the best ways to party with Paparazzi Accessories is to conduct Facebook parties.   I find that people are more willing to host because they are less work for them to invite and less intimidating!   Hostesses don't have to clean their house, make refreshments and physically pass out invitations.   They just add their friends to an event you create and then personally invite them through a personal message and a link from their wall on Facebook.

With Facebook parties, whatever you do in person at a home party, you still have to figure out how to do it online.   It can be tricky, but is very effective when you figure it out and go for it.

I have an awesome teammate, Andrea Hutcheson, who is AMAZING at Facebook parties.  She is a fabulous consultant and has a large business of loyal customer who follow her because of her kindness, professionalism and customer service.  She knows what she is doing.   She has created a website of lots of helpful information to help consultants and her team to be successful.

To learn more about how to do Paparazzi Accessories Facebook parties, check out this link on her site.  She has videos and graphics and more to help her team and YOU to be successful.

To find lots of printables and other resources to help you with your jewelry business, you can check out the Paparazzi Accessories printables page.   SO helpful.

One of the other great things about Andrea is she speaks Spanish.   Some of the info she has is in Spanish.   If you are Spanish speaker and looking to join a team, Andrea would be a very helpful sponsor.  She does some trainings in Spanish and documents.  You can read more about Andrea Hutcheson in Spanish HERE.

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