Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Business Cards

I recommend having a business card and carrying some in your wallet.  You never know when you will want or need one.

I made VERY inexpensive business cards.  I give one to each person as they check out. 

The following is one way to make business cards.
Go to Microsoft Office.
Select "Microsoft Publisher."
Click on "Publications for Print"
Select "Business Cards"
YOu can choose what template you want and fill the info in.

I just print mine at the regular copy store in black ink on magenta card stock and cut it myself.   It costs me about 1.5 cents each.

I include the following words either on the back or front of the card!

"Want a few? Place an order (or buy some jewelry)!
Want a jewelry shopping spree? Host a party!
Want it all?  Join the Paparazzi team!
Enjoy unlimited income in your spare time."

I'm not having success downloading the business card to this so you will just have to imagine the beauty in your mind:)

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  1. like the idea and the post..i might need this when use it for Metal business cards..thanks for sharing it.