Sunday, October 16, 2011

Headband Display

This is my headband display! I love it! If you live close enough to us, my husband will make one for you for just the cost of materials. Or you can follow the lovely tutorial below and make one for yourself!

The materials

4" plastic pipe (I recommend spray painting it).


1" piece of wood that are about 9 inches wide


We cut the pipe into 4 pieces that are 26" across.

The 2x4's are also cut into 4 pieces that are 26" across.

The sides are 1" thick, 9" wide and 25" tall.

First, we got a 4" plastic pipe and spray painted it black. I just use the el-cheapo spray paint from the home improvement store that costs about $1.

Silly me. I waited until it was dark to spray paint so I wore a head lamp and a t-shirt from when I ran for student govt. waaaaay back in high school. The head light worked well!

Measure where you want the 2x4's to go on the side boards and make the holes on both sides. Make sure they are the exact same on each side:) In case you are wondering, there is a 4" gap between the holes from one screw on a 2x4 to the next screw on the next 2x4.

Attach the 2x4's to one side of the sideboards using screws.

Put the pipe over the 2x4's.

Screw on the other side board and you are done! Just make sure you are leaving enough room in between each pipe to place headbands.

You can see it to the side of the display. It is easy to transport, very sturdy, takes up minimal space and looks nice. I usually have it turned towards the group. It looks similar to the one that Paparazzi is selling for $50 and only cost us about $10.
With 4 tiers, it holds about 50-60 headbands at one time! The picture at the very top is with 39 headbands, but I like to have more on than that. The headbands still can twist so the heavy part is at the bottom so the tighter I pack it, the better the headbands don't twist. You can always make one that has 1, 2 or 3 tiers if you don't want to have so many headbands.

If you want one, email me at


  1. I really like this idea and I am gonna try it. Thanks for posting this and happy crafting.

  2. Thank you for posting worked great and my head bands were a hit at my show