Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Upline's Displays

This is my upline's displays.  When she travels, she keeps the jewelry on her board using carpet pad and bungee cords.  You can also use string, ribbon, saran wrap and more!

She sets up a table and sits down with a money box to check-out people.  I don't sit!  I walk around and talk to people, but I do have a table where I check people out and have them fill out the entry for a drawing which includes their name, number and if they are interested in hosting a party or becoming a consultant.  I have booked many parties from those little papers.  I also tell them when they host a party, they usually get anywhere from 6-12 pieces of free jewelry.

Below are some pictures of how she displays her things.

I really like the grey background on her boards!

She sells quite a few bracelets and earrings and I think it is because of the way she displays them at eye level.  The customer can see them easily when picking out a necklace.  Great upselling technique.

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