Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Hidden Box

I take a lot of my inventory to parties with me.   I never know if it is going to be a great party or one that bombs (Yes, I have parties that don't go well sometimes!).   If I think it is going to be great, I make sure I have a lot of different items for people to look at.  The truth is that the more selection you have, the more people will buy because they can find more of what they want. 

I can't put everything I have out on displays.  It is simply too much.   I can have about 50-60 headbands displayed at once, but sometimes I have more of that in my possession.   I have about 40 clips on my display, but I have more on the table or in a box.   When it comes to earrings, I have quite a few (maybe 60 out).   I know that it has been recommended that you only have one earring per hook, but I put 3 or 4 of the same color on a hook because I have so many.   With necklaces, I try to do one per hook.

When guests come to the open house and are waiting to hear my speech, I simply say,  "Hi.  My name is Michelle and I am the Paparazzi consultant.  Everything is $5.50 which includes the tax - except for the little girl items and the price is posted on them.   If you see something you like, but want it in a different color, I might have it in a box.   I can look for it or you can look.  Feel free to look through any of the boxes you see. I don't have room to display everything that I have.   Let me know if you have any questions."   And I let them go shopping and have fun!

There have been quite a few  parties where the ladies will start to open one box and then another and another.  They think they are finding hidden treasures.   It is awesome to see them so excited about a necklace still in plastic.   Pretty soon, they are all going through the boxes.   Women like to rummage.  Don't be afraid to let women peak into your "hidden boxes."   It is a great sales strategy!

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