Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wholesale Distributors (Retail Sites)

As you know, retail stores can carry Paparazzi Accessories.   AND why wouldn't they want to?   Having this jewelry could:
1. Increase sales throughout the store
2.  Bring in new customers
3.  Make money off Paparazzi sales
4.  Have the option of doing parties and making a downline
5.  Increase word-of-mouth advertising with customers

What would make a good retail site for Paparazzi?
1.  Salons
2.  Boutiques
3.  Craft stores
4.  Gift shops
5.  Anywhere women frequent it
6.  Beauty supply store
7.  Clothing stores
8.  Bookstores
9.  Athletic/workout gyms
10.   ANYWHERE  (there is a framing/art store in my downline and they sell a bit!)

When approaching a retail center, there are a few ways to do it.
1. Call and make an appointment with the buyer, manager or owner.
2.  Wear your accessories in and strike up a conversation with one of the above people. If you try either of these ideas, have a basket of jewelry with you to show them.
3.  When you are asking where women work at parties and you find out one of your customer has one of the above positions, talk about them carrying Paparazzi in their store.

When you are talking with the person in charge, use the term "WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR."   Ask them if they would like to become a distributor - not an "independent consultant."   It just sounds better for a business owner to be a wholesale distributor.  Let them know every piece of jewelry only costs $2.75.   They can sell it for $5 OR MORE.   Explain that they will probably sell more volume if they sell it a lower price, but will make more profit per item if they sell higher.  They can choose at what price to sell it.  After they decide they want to do it or as you are talking about the benefits of carrying Paparazzi in their store, you can mention home parties, basket parties, and the other stuff we do as consultants.

If by some chance, they do not want to become a consultant and pick their own jewelry and order and stock by themselves, you can ask if they would allow you to put it in their store.  Most likely they will want a percentage of sales.   They best way (in my opinion) is to have them join themselves and take care of it by themselves.  You will still get commission from them without the headache of checking up on it often.

Leave a comment if you have other ideas or advice on retail outlets and distributors.

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